Job Description

Department Of Education


Job Description / Responsibilities:

1.1 Responsible to Assistant Secretary – Teacher Training & Professional Development for the design, development and implementation of staff development programs of the Department.
1.2 Co-ordinate and supervise the professional aspects of all courses/training organized by TD&I branch.
1.3 Co-ordinate the development of staff development training plans
1.4 Supervise and report to the Assistant Secretary – Teacher Training & Professional Development on the assessment of the in-service trainees and the evaluation of the training programmes.
1.5 Assist the Assistant Secretary – Teacher Training & Professional Development prepare in-service publications (e.g. SPEG, In-service Handbooks, Resource materials, etc.)
1.6 Executive Officer to the National In-service Committee (NIC).
1.7 Assess the competence of staff conducting short in-service training courses.
1.8 Participate as a member of various internal and external training committees, professional bodies, steering committee meetings, aid donor meetings and other professional bodies concerned with HRD and training opportunities.
1.9 In collaboration with Teacher Career Development Officer, develop, review, implement and make recommendations to modify Executive Assessment Workshops, the Associate ship Schemes and the Induction Programs.
1.10 Participate in and analyze in-country and overseas professional development and in-service activities to ensure the growth of professional development in the Department.
1.11 Supervise and co-ordinate the activities of Teacher Development Officers and appraise their performances.
1.12 Collect quarterly reports from Teacher Development Officers and provide them to Director TD&I along with a report summarizing the activities in the past quarter and plans for the next quarter.
1.13 Complete specific tasks determined and/or directed by the Assistant Secretary – Teacher Training & Professional Development or other senior officers, consistent with the above.
1.14 Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.

2.1 Qualification:
2.1.1 Bachelor’s Degree in Education or HRM.
2.2 Experience:
2.2.1 Administrative experience especially in managing HRD activities comprising of staff development and in-service education programs
2.2.2 Counseling, guidance and supervisory experiences including public relations and conflict resolutions.
2.2.3 Experience in evaluating courses and programmes.
2.2.4 Thorough knowledge and wide experience in education preferably experience in professional development and in-service training activities.
2.2.5 Previous contribution to the wider field of education and show evidence of instructional leadership qualities is desirable.
2.2.6 Computer literacy essential.
2.3 Knowledge:
2.3.1 Relevant knowledge in human resource development and management and counseling techniques
2.3.2 Thorough knowledge of Government instructions, legislation, policies and regulations on HR matters
2.3.3 Thorough knowledge of DoE and TSC Acts
2.3.4 Relevant knowledge of HRD programs and its related activities
2.4 Skills:
2.4.1 Skills in staff development and training activities
2.4.2 Possess skills in developing, trialing, implementing and evaluating training programs.
2.4.3 Excellent communication skills, both oral and written and be able to lead discussions and make oral presentations
2.4.4 Sound analytical ability to assess problem areas and implement improvements
2.4.5 Ready and willing to accept accountability
2.4.6 Ability to organize staff and resources to achieve objectives
 Report Writing and Correspondence Writing Skills
 Able to develop and influence individuals into an integrated team to achieve objectives
 Skills in reading, interpreting and analyzing data (training, financial, etc.)
 Ability to develop and maintain customer relationships.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K44,330 – K54,182

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