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Department Of Education


Job Description / Responsibilities:

1.1 Teacher Registration
Oversee and monitor to ensure teacher registration for Provisional and Full registration of teachers is effectively and efficiently carried out as directed by the National Education Board’s Decisions as the executive agent of the Secretary.
1.1.1 Scan, process and enter data in Teacher Education Registration Application (TERA) and issue to 3,000 to 4, 000 Provisional Teacher Registration to new graduates of Teacher Training providers annually in all sectors.
1.1.2 Issue 3, 000 to 4, 000 Full Registration to Stamp A reports rated at the National Ratings Conference for all sectors annually.
1.1.3 Provide 1,500 to 2,000 non-inspected teachers with expired Renewal Teacher Provisional registration annually
1.1.4 Provide Statement of Certification for lost, damaged or burned provisional or full registration.
1.1.5 De-registration of teachers who through fraud, disciplinary, performance assessment or health reasons are not able to perform their duties effectively as a teacher.
1.2 Research
Research, prepare and present submissions to SSM, TMT and the Secretary on:
1.2.1 ways to improve Teacher Registration via the Wing and Divisional Head to register teachers
1.2.2 who are competent and qualified annually.
1.2.3 alternate models of effective teacher registration policies and processes, to improve quality and standards of delivering registration services.
1.3 Budgeting
Facilitate budget preparation and financial management plan and use limited resources equitably for optimal return on investment (that is effectively using limited resources to produce required results such as competent teacher registration and de-registration data].
1.4 Workshops
Provide leadership and facilitate in planning, conducting workshops for:
1.4.1 Pre-service and in-service college deputy principals and bursars to prepare realistic teacher listings to ensure the units’ tasks are achieved to produce required results such as completion of registration and de-registrations on time.
1.4.2 Update data from provinces on Provisional/Renewal/Full Registration by sector and province for the Department Secretary for information and forward planning purposes.
1.5 Planning
Prepare annual management plan for the section and report on progress of the completion or non-completion of the 5 recurrent activities and report to the NDoE budget review team.
1.6 Leadership
Provide leadership in workplace environment and mentor sub-ordinates in all facets of the divisional activities to produce required results.
1.7 Administration
1.7.1 Oversee the staff performance, supervision and appraisal
1.7.2 Manage office in terms of procurement and management of resources and equipment.
1.7.3 Oversee and conduct regular Staff Meetings to discuss issues affecting the Unit
1.8 Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.

2.1 Qualifications
2.1.1 Bachelor’s Degree in Education.
2.1.2 Postgraduate qualification at Master’s degree in Education is desirable
2.1.3 Training in financial management and office administration would be an advantage.
2.2 Work Experience
2.2.1 3-5 years of work experience in Teacher Education at management level.
2.3 Knowledge
2.3.1 Conversant with the administration and management of teacher registration policies and processes.
2.3.2 Conversant in Teacher Education and must be competent in designing and conducting research
2.3.3 Thorough knowledge of General Order, Public Finance management act, TSC and DoE Acts
2.3.4 Conversant with Financial management and budgeting
2.3.5 Conversant in Staff Supervision and Appraisal.
2.4 Skills
2.4.1 Planning, conducting, evaluating and making proposals.
2.4.2 Planning and Budgeting skills, negotiation and leadership skills.
2.4.3 Excellent verbal and written communication skills and computer literate.
2.4.4 Must have high level research skills to conduct and present findings (for example, into pressing issues that affect quality of Teacher Registration services).
2.4.5 Computer literate in MS word and Excel or MS Office applications.
2.4.6 Excellent inter-personal skills.
2.4.7 Must be able to lead and develop successful team building within the division.
2.4.8 Must have a high numeracy skill.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K53,528 – K65,424

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