Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : ADMINISTRATION OFFICER (Code- EDU23-00258)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Assist to ensure the effective administration of tenders and procurement manuals and procedures.

1.2 Assist in developing the procurement plan by liaising with branch heads to determine office stationery needs and to liaise with procurement for supply of the office materials.

13 Assist in ensuring that there is efficient file management storage and retrieval system for the divisional administration reports and documents.

1.4 Effective preparation of reports whilst responding to management/staff queries on administration services by providing accurate and relevant advice.

1.5 Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and Values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and Responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.


2.1 Qualification:

2.1.1 Grade 12 level of education 

2.1.2 Diploma in Office Administration, Procurement and Assets Management  

2.2 Experience:

2.2.1   1- 3 years of working experience in a clerical and administrative role or with the Public Service with past experience in similar role will be advantageous.

2.3 Knowledge:

2.3.1 Tender & Suppliers Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

2.3.2 Public Finance Manual

2.3.3 of sections of the Public Service General Orders.

2.4 Skills:   

2.4.1 Ability to interact with officers in and outside of the Department.

2.4.2 Ability to work in a team

2.4.3 Good communication skills, both oral and written.

2.4.4 Computer literate, especially in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

2.4.5 Ability   to take on initiatives in the work area.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K30,457 – K37,225

Job Location: