Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : TV PRODUCER (Code- EDU23-00253)

Job Description / Responsibilities:



1.1. In close consultation with the Manager Media Centre: 

1.1.1. Arranging special talents, casts, sets and special effects / sound effects. 

1.1.2. Supervise the development of scripts for television production.

1.1.3. Supervise the TV model teachers, production staff and curriculum writers in the development and presentation of television lessons.

1.2. In consultation with the Manager, TV Technicians, Curriculum Writers and TV Model teachers develop annual TV activity plans and monitor their implementation through: 

1.2.1. Production of timelines for broadcast programs with EMTV for smooth flow of broadcast programs.

1.2.2. Critique and re-viewing of all scripts developed prior to presentation

1.3. Assist to continuously provide in-house training and identify external enrichment training for staff in TV production and other related areas such as:

1.3.1. Camera operations and video editing, TV presentation techniques

1.3.2. Conducting regular workshops for TV receiving teachers at the provincial level to effectively facilitate learning for teachers and in TV classroom care and maintenance

1.3.3. Design an effective awareness program for TV school teachers and Board of Management members, Parents and Citizens committees etc. on basic education via TV lessons to the children

1.4. Ensure that the following are maintained.

1.4.1. Prudent procurement procedures are followed through the supervision of procurement processes according to approved activity plans for each activity.

1.4.2. Efficient maintenance activities and service agreements are met and regularly up-dated for the smooth operations of the division. 

1.5. Assist in conducting training analysis for all staff through identifying enrichment courses for officers to increase efficiency and effectiveness at the work place.

1.6. Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.


2.1. Qualification:

2.1.1. Degree in Education media and ICT.

2.1.2. Relevant Postgraduate qualification is preferable. 

2.2. Knowledge:

2.2.1. Broad technical knowledge and understanding of television and radio production systems.

2.2.2. Have knowledge of the Public Service Management Act, Public Service General Orders. Public Finance Management Acts and National Education Plan (NEP) 2022-2029.

2.2.3. Knowledge in production of TV and Multimedia programs.

2.2.4. Knowledge in educational media and ICT in PNG and other countries.

2.2.5. Knowledge in  NEMP, NEMP Strategic  Plan, ICT and other DoE Policies

2.3. Skills:

2.3.1. Ability to coordinate the writing of support curriculum materials

2.3.2. Ability to diagnose faults in professional radio and television equipment

2.3.3. Service and repair professional radio and television equipment and their installations

2.3.4. Interpersonal skill 

2.3.5. Leadership skill 

2.3.6. Communication skills, both oral and written.

2.3.7. Computer literate.

2.4. Work Experience:

2.4.1. Minimum 5-10 years of similar experience with the department or other radio and TV companies. 

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K38,145 – K46,621

Job Location: