Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (Code- EDU23-00260)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Ensure the Executive Director’s Office is managed effectively and efficiently by keeping the appointments and Meeting Books updated, organized meetings, conferences and functions as required and the filing systems.

1.2  Effective administration, management and classification of information relating to correspondences, meetings, conversations and understandings.

1.3  Provide sound advice on secretarial matters relating to the office of the Executive Director by attending to office procedures, official visitors and screening telephone calls as directed.

1.4  Attend to official functions and other similar duties.

1.5  Provide relief assistance to work area when required or on own initiative.

1.6  Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and Values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and Responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.


2.1 Qualification:

2.1.1 Grade 12 Higher School Certificate

2.1.2  Certificate in Basic secretarial/ stenography. Further training at Diploma in office administration is preferable.

2.2 Experience:

2.2.1 Three (3) – five (5) years of working experience in a position of Executive Assistant to senior executives in a large organization.

2.3 Knowledge:

2.3.1 Knowledge of customer service practices

2.3.2  Public Service General Orders

2.3.3  Knowledge of Office administration principles and practices.

2.4 Skills:

2.4.1 Stenographic and typing speed of 60 words per minute (WPM)

2.4.2  Shorthand and note taking

2.4.3  Good inter – personal and personnel relationship

2.4.4  Ability to provide courteous client service

2.4.5  Good oral and written communication

2.4.6  Good, organization and administration

2.4.7  Computer literate

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K27,165 – K33,201

Job Location: