Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : E.O REGIONAL COORDINATOR - SOUTHERN (Code- EDU23-00394)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1. Provide operational and administrative services to the region and ensure high standard of Distance Education is delivered with suitable provisions of equipment and facilities.

1.2. Maintain an optimal quality standard of Education for a conducive learning environment in the region.

1.3. Establish and liaise with provincial education authorities, statutory bodies and non-governmental organizations on matters pertaining to Flexible Open and Distance Education.

1.4. Submit to Senior Provincial Support Coordinator and Assistant Secretary Provincial Support Management & Coordination on the budget requirements for efficient operation of FODE Education activities/programs.

1.5. Provide statistical data and mandatory reports on education issues and initiatives for awareness in the Department.

1.6. Provide guidance and proper coordination on Regional School Selections in the Southern region including the Grade 11 selection into the Secondary Schools.

1.7. Provide informative decisions and advice made by FODE Governing on issues immerging in the region.

1.8. Provide an oversight on activities/programs that have been undertaken by FODE schools/centres in the Southern region and contribute to improve student learning effectiveness throughout the region.

1.9. To ensure proper coordination and supervision on FODE aid grants supports are managed well in the Southern region.

1.10. Assist the Senior Provincial Coordinator at Head office by providing regular feedback, and guidance to staff and hold regular meetings.

1.11. Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.


2.1. Qualification:

2.1.1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Management or other equivalent qualification is an advantage

2.1.2. Post Graduate qualification is preferable

2.1.3. Bachelor of Education Degree or relevant tertiary qualification

2.2. Knowledge:

2.2.1. Sound knowledge of Teaching Services and Education Acts, Education or School Administration System, Policies and procedures

2.2.2. Sound knowledge on Budget Preparation and Analysis

2.2.3. Sound knowledge on Report Writing

2.3. Skills:

2.3.1. Proven leadership, administrative, supervisory, organizational and management skills.

2.3.2. Sound Administrative and management skills

2.3.3. Sound knowledge on how to prioritizes, evaluate and monitor

2.3.4. Ability to Analyze, evaluate and make appropriate decisions.

2.3.5. Excellent Communication skills both in written and oral.

2.3.6. Computer literate

2.4. Work Experience:

2.4.1. 5-10 years’ experience in a supervisory position (i.e. Deputy Principal / Principal, Provincial Coordinator) at FODE and secondary school level with extensive experience in education administration.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K41,025 – K50,141

Job Location: