Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : DATA ENTRY CLERK (Code- EDU23-00530)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Assist in the design, trial and redesign of all data collection forms for enrolments, educational finances, school physical facilities, school directory and educational curriculum.

1.2 Assist in ensuring that forms that are the final drafts are registered and given official education catalogued numbers and distributed to the provinces.

1.3 Liaise with all data sources for the collection of raw enrolments, staffing, education finances, physical facilities and infrastructure, curriculum, schools directory and demography on each sub-sector programs.

1.4 Continuously assume responsibilities for follow up on all missing data, double check all data clerically and electronically for data consistency.

1.5 Compiling of all data vetting and verifications, entry into the database.

1.6 Ensure that data in each sector is updated annually and reports are reported when ever needed.

1.7 Assist to maintain and process official request manipulate and retrieve synthesized reports from either the Education Management Information System (EMIS) database or other storage systems.

1.8 Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and Values of Honesty, Intergrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and Responsibility in programs, activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.



2.1 Qualification:

2.1.1 Grade 12 level of education. 

2.1.2 Certificate or Diploma in Statistic and Computing is preferable.

2.2 Experience:

2.2.1 Minimum of two (2) years experience as a data entry operator.  

2.2.2 Ability to execute task unsupervised.

2.3 Knowledge:

2.3.1 Use of computers.  

2.3.2 Ability to derive adhoc reports from and also use EMIS data base.  

2.3.3 Perform basic analysis.

2.4 Skills:

2.4.1 Proficient in the use of the most common software applications

2.4.2 Good written and oral communications

2.4.3 Good public relations and a team player

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K21,954 – K26,832

Job Location: