Job Description

Department Of Education


Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Design, plan, manage and coordinate the research programs consistent with the Department’s priorities

1.2 Design, plan and develop research, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and specifications

1.3 Supervision, facilitation and coordination of outsourced research studies

1.4 Design, develop and conduct basic research training programs

1.5 Conduct research at the national and provincial levels

1.6 Design and develop policy frameworks and  submissions

1.7 Liaise with the Departments Divisions and Branches in identifying research, needs are being met

1.8 Ensure that research findings are disseminated to relevant divisions and branches in an appropriate manner


2.1 Qualification

2.1.1 The incumbent should possess a university degree in education, public policy, preferably with post graduate research based degree is highly desirable or equivalent, extensive investigative and research skills. 

2.2 Experience

2.2.1 The incumbent must have five to ten years extensive experiences planning, managing, designing and implementing educational and social research, monitoring and evaluation activities in education or similar organisation. Two to five years broad experiences in education including classroom teaching experiences both in rural and urban schools.  Must have supervisory experience

2.3 Knowledge 

2.3.1 Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of  social and educational research, monitoring and evaluation principles and practices

2.3.2 Broad knowledge and understanding the theories  of research approaches 

2.3.3 Broad knowledge and understanding of  statistical functions and analysis

2.3.4 Understands information sources, data collection, data analysis and reporting strategies

2.3.5 Understand effective communication approaches and strategies

2.3.6 Knowledge and understanding of PNG education system, legislation , educational policy and educational reform

2.3.7 Sound knowledge of the Public Finance Management Act and General Orders

2.4 Skills

2.4.1 Leadership and management of  social research, monitoring and evaluation practices

2.4.2 Design, plan and conduct research studies using both qualitative and quantitative approaches

2.4.3 Design, plan and develop research plans, frameworks and specifications

2.4.4 Supervision, facilitation and coordination of outsourced research studies

2.4.5 Supervision, facilitation and coordination of internet research

2.4.6 Design, develop and conduct basic research skill training  

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K44,330 – K54,182

Job Location: