Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : SENIOR QUALITY & ANALYST OFFICER - NGI (Code- EDU23-00553)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Ensure the effective implementation of the School Data Base in the NGI region.

1.2 Ensure a positive impact is achieved upon utilization of the ESIP Appropriation.

1.4 Create and maintain a high level of awareness of the ESIP program in the NGI region.

1.5 Ensure proper control and management of the Trust Account are in accordance with the Public Finance (Management) Act, 1995.


2.1 Qualification

2.1.1 Must have a Tertiary qualification preferably at an appropriate Diploma level in Public Administration and Information Technology (IT).

2.2 Experience

2.2.1 Must have five (5) years’ experience in a similar role / capacity in areas of project management 

2.2.2 Experience and proven ability to communicate with others

2.2.3 Has had some experience in education infrastructures

2.3 Knowledge

2.3.1 Wide knowledge in data collection and ability to input into the computers and be able to analyse these data for reporting purpose.

2.3.2 Preferably have knowledge on the government accounting and procurement procedures as well as associated legislations and instructions and sound Knowledge in project identification, formulation, funding and implementation.

2.4 Skills

2.4.1 Should possess the following skills: 

2.4.2 Strong Project Management skills, 

2.4.3 Planning and Management Skills,

2.4.4 Cost Benefit and analysis, 

2.4.5 Supervisory and Training,

2.4.6 Effective Human Relations, 

2.4.7 Communication, 

2.4.8 Computer literacy.

2.4.9 Decision Making

2.4.10 Analytical

2.4.11 Conclusion of resolution

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K41,025 – K50,141

Job Location: