Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : EXECUTIVE OFFICER - EDC & PST & DC (Code- EDU23-00570)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1. Taking minutes during EDC/SDC meetings and send out meeting outcomes in a timely manner.

1.2. Responsible for ensuring that a true record of all meetings (EDC/SDC) is completed through the provision of accurate minutes.

1.3. Distribution of meeting minutes to committee members and applicants in a timely manner. 

1.4. Provide clerical support to Chairperson (s) of EDC / SDC and organizing training documents before / after the meetings.

1.5. Scheduling of EDC /SDC meetings and constantly consulting chairperson (EDC/SDC) to training related agendas.  

1.6. Registration, verification and acknowledging applicants of their applications in timely manner.

1.7. Provide accurate filing system (hard/soft) and constantly advise Senior Training Coordinator of any urgent related issues. 

1.8. Ensure to provide registered training documents to senior training coordinator 2 weeks in advance and 1 week in advance for EDC/SDC Chairperson (s). 

1.9. Provide accurate information as evidence in related to EDC /SDC issues and verify EDC /SDC agenda (s) prior to meeting procedures for decision making. 

1.10. Keep meeting minute records in file for future reference accurately.

1.11. Assist to undertake any other duties and responsibilities appropriate to training related activities.

1.12. Circulate meeting schedules and agenda (s) to EDC/SDC  

1.13. Deliver notification minutes to applicants in timely manner. 

1.14. Provide assistance to the training team to Develop training evaluation framework and collaborate with divisional managers to assess target training against expected improvements

1.15. Provide aid to prepare training documents for Staff Development Training committees (EDC/SDC).

1.16. Assist to facilitate training allowances for external /internal officers on study in timely manner. 

1.17. Help to facilitate and gather training information to assist staff to make informed decision on relevant courses to attend depending on training needs.

1.18. Achieve performance excellence in work area by implementing constructive feedback on performance from the immediate supervisor and colleagues.

1.19. Achieve or exceed client satisfaction by personally or being part of the team to provide consistent and efficient client service through performing of various processes and transactions.

1.20. Contribute positively to maintain performance in activity or functional area by providing cover and relief assistance to work area when required on own initiative.

1.21. Quarterly/ Annual Report submitted through senior training coordinator to superiors in timely manner.


2.1. Qualifications

2.1.1. Degree qualification in Human Resource Development, Education or Arts.

2.2. Knowledge

2.2.1. Sound knowledge of relevant sections of the General Orders and PFMA.

2.2.2. Knowledge in HRD best practice.

2.2.3. Knowledge of training procedures.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

2.3. Skills

2.3.1. Listening skills – The ability to listen, absorb and record what is being said is crucial. ...

2.3.2. Assertiveness – You must have the confidence to speak up where and when appropriate, when seeking clarification of a point being made.

2.3.3. Planning and Organization skills – You must be well organized with meeting minutes.

2.3.4. Assertiveness, well manner and team work is paramount. 

2.3.5. Demonstrated ability to conduct training needs analysis.

2.3.6. Ability to develop and deliver work related training programmes.

2.3.7. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement induction training programmes.

2.3.8. Ability to develop and review training policies and plans.

2.3.9. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

2.3.10. Work place training and adult learning techniques.

2.3.11. Computer literate, word and excel.

2.3.12. Able to be an effective member of a team.

2.3.13. Negotiation skills

2.3.14. Report writing skills.        

2.3.15. Excellent management skills and the ability to take leadership over any training related activities.

2.3.16. Superlative communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate as a leader.

2.4. Work Experience

2.4.1. At least 3-4 years’ work experience in developing and delivering training in a large organization.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K41,025 – K50,141

Job Location: