Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : FIRST ASSISTANT SECRETARY - P&L (Code- EDU23-00761)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Procurement Services

1.1.1 Policy:  Ensure relevant Acts and policies such as the National Procurement Act (2018) the Finance Management Act (2005) Good Procurement Manual version 4, Operations Manual version 4 is followed closely so that all procurement activities meet all compliance requirements. 

1.1.2 Prepare Annual Procurement Plan for DoE and submit for approval to APC Committee at Department of Finance and the National Procurement Commission at the beginning of each year. 

1.1.3 Delegate procurement activities to Branch Managers to commence procurements within their branches and centralized economic activities as per the annual procurement plan. 

1.1.4 Complete Finance Form 5A - Approval to Pre Commit and send them to Finance (APC Committee) for approval of each procurement activity.  

1.1.5 Contract Management:  Manage all Contracts and ensure that the payment provisions and all other milestones as per the Specific Conditions of Tenders (SCC) are adhered to and completed efficiently and effectively within the time specified in each contract. 

1.1.6 Advertise in the daily newspapers for Expression of Interest for SMEs to provide a range of services such as hire cars, security guards, stationary suppliers, catering companies, printing companies and so on. After approval, prepare Minor Contracts for the SMEs in their chosen field. 

1.1.7 Manage the Air Niugini UATP account operated by the Department. Ensure that it is replenished regularly with timely reports prepared to inform Top Management (for Duty Travel). 

1.1.8 Filing:  Ensure that the Division maintains an effective filing system that keeps track of all tenders, Contracts, Expressions of Interest, engagement of SMEs, purchases of items, supply of items to Divisions, payment schedules etc.  All contracts must have both scanned and hard copies filed 

1.1.9 Reporting: Prepare Project Completion Reports for all Contracts (both Major and Minor) awarded by the Department. If satisfied that the projects that are successfully implemented, issue Certificate of Completion.

1.2 Logistics & Administration Services 


1.2.1 Drive the development of strategies, Develop and monitor the implementation of the annual Divisional strategic and operational plan and report on achievements of performance targets.

1.2.2 Identify ways to improve administration service delivery especially in areas of logistics and records management and mail.

1.2.3 Strategies:

1.2.3,1 Conduct awareness and training on use of IFMS to register assets and retrieve reports.

1.2.3,2 Provide brochures, documents, and reports to SSM, TMT and DoE staff for information and compliance. 

1.2.3,3 Site visits to collect data and information from stakeholders, relevant partners, NHC, Works, NPC, MVIL, RTA, Finance/Treasury/ and institutions.

1.2.3,4 Work in Consultation with partners to get appropriate, advice, guidance and information for action on issues. 

1.2.3,5 Use IT systems to Enter DoE Asset data with Desk top computers, laptops and smart phones.

1.2.3,6 Use emails, phones, and media to communicate with partners

1.2.4 Engage reliable service for the following; Security Service for safety of staff and assets. Vehicle maintenance, services and registration. Electrical services, office maintenance work Office cleanliness, safety, health and hygiene, disposals and storage. Usage of electronic ledger system to control fuel re-fuel and Fuel supply and usage to Genset and custodians of vehicles. Client and vehicles passes used and bio metric entry control systems. 

1.2.5 Establish working committees to coordinate and implement projects.

1.2.6 Strategic Leadership and promoting continuous Improvement.

1.2.7 Develop strategies to implement achievement of Divisional Priorities.

1.2.8 Monitoring and Evaluation. Conduct Assessment and reporting of achievement of performance targets. Conduct staff and individual assessment 2x annually

1.2.9 Project Management Achieve competing divisional priorities by mobilizing and managing resources, promoting   and encouraging team work through modeling good practice. Promote and encourage team work. Encourage, coach and mentor branch heads and staff to develop their capacity and to motivate them to achieve excellence in their work. 

1.2.10 Administration. Hold regular divisional meetings to develop and implement strategies to address problems affecting efficient implementation of divisional activities, and communicating relevant information from the management team. Ensure relevant policies and procedures covering divisional responsibilities are developed to assist the division in achieving its functional responsibilities. Responsible for divisional budget by taking responsibility for budget preparation, monitoring and reporting on the expenditure of divisional funds. Provide regular constructive feedback on work performance, both formally and informally, to staff based on agreed tasks and performance indicators identified with the staff.

1.2.11 Committee Member of the Equipment Committee. Member of DoE Lands Committee (Duram, Hagara & Makana) Members of all DoE Lands Identification Committee. Member of Institutional Housing Allocation Committee.

1.2.12 Budget Develop Annual budget for the Division/ Centralized Economic items Cross cutting. Annual Divisional budget done. Quarterly Budget reports compiled and reported. Centralized economic items, 225 & 273 coordinated and Operationalized including funding of Security service under economic item 224. Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and Responsibility in programs, Activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics. 



2.1 Qualification:

2.1.1 The minimum entry requirement for this position is a Master’s degree or higher; 

2.1.2 Master’s in Public Administration or Management or relevant.

2.2  Knowledge:

2.2.1 Excellent understanding of the public sector.

2.2.2 Extensive knowledge of PFMA, TSC Act, PSGO and other relevant legislative provisions. 

2.2.3 Strong knowledge of principles and practices of management and leadership.

2.2.4 Practical knowledge of commercial, public procurement and contract Law.

2.3  Skills:

2.3.1 Strategic management & Leadership skills

2.3.2 Financial management skills

2.3.4 Research and analytical skills

2.3.5 Interpersonal skills

2.3.6 Communication skills, both written and oral.

2.4 Experience:

2.4.1 The entry requirement for this is to have at least 5 years relevant experience;

2.4.2 5-10 years of senior management experience in the complex and diverse organizations.

2.4.3 Proven experience in the successful management of organizational and cultural change in the public sector.

2.4.4 Experience in setting up public sector procurement is desirable.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K69,996 – K85,550

Job Location: