Job Description

Department Of Education


Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Receive authorization from the immediate supervisor (Assistant Secretary – Logistics) and promptly assign a driver to drive to and from outside the office to carry out official duties. 

1.2 Ensure regular service maintenance is carried out on all vehicles by driving the vehicles to and from the approved car service companies on designated dates. 

1.3 Monitor and clean all vehicles for use the next day and ensure the vehicles are road worthy by liaising with Supervisor to acquire cleaning detergents to clean the vehicles, and conduct regularly mechanical checks. 

1.4 Coordinate and schedule subordinate (i.e. Driver/Clerks) for routinal collections and distribution of DoE mails and external correspondences.

1.5 Report any accidents or breakdowns to the supervisor to take appropriate actions.

1.6 Control and ensure the branch maintain service delivery by assisting in carrying out other clerical duties on own initiative in immediate work area and the branch when required.

1.7 Assist AS – Logistics to budget, purchase, manage, BOS, dispose and replace DoE vehicles according to Department Refleet and BOS Disposal Plan

1.8 Incorporate Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Principles and values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Wisdom and Responsibility in programs, Activities and initiatives to foster positive work ethics.


2.1 Qualifications

2.1.1 The minimum entry requirement for this position is a Bachelor degree or higher;

2.1.2 Degree in Business Administration/Accounting or Business Management. 

2.1.3 Post graduate or Master’s Degree in related field is preferable.

2.2 Knowledge

2.2.1 Knowledge of the traffic regulations.

2.2.2 Knowledge of the departments rules on use of motor vehicles.

2.2.3 Basic knowledge of vehicle parts.

2.3 Skills

2.3.1 Sound communication skills, both oral and written.

2.3.2 Troubleshooting skills – Ability to do routine checks on motor vehicles.

2.3.3 Computing skills – Ability to carry out clerical responsibilities.

2.3.4 Mechanical skills - Ability to identify mechanical problems if vehicles experience breakdowns

2.3.5 Follow instructions clearly and use vehicles for official use only.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

2.4 Work Experience

2.4.1 Minimum of five (5) years in administration and management. 

2.4.2 Experience in Logistics and Fleet management.


Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K44,330 – K54,182

Job Location: