Job Description

Department Of Education


Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Administer and coordinate the trust account budgets;

1.1.1 Three (3) main NETA Trust Accounts & Seventy (70) Sub- Accounts: K10 Million

1.1.2 Five (5) Project Trust Accounts GOPNG (Bank Cheque Accounts): K 5 Million

1.1.3 Educ.Capacity Building Prog.Imprest x 89 Districts Sub Trust Accounts: K 12 Million

1.1.4 Basic Educ.Dev.Prog. Imprest x 89 Districts Sub Accounts: K 12 Million

1.1.5 NETA Bank (National Institutions including NCD schools x 57 

         Sub Trust Accounts: K 5 Million

1.1.6 Mission Building Subsidy Grants with Seven Sub-Accounts: K 1.5 Million

1.1.7 College of Distance Education (CODE) Trust account: K 600 Thousand

1.1.8 National Library & Achieves Trust account with (19) sub-A/c: K 800 Thousand

1.1.9 Pride Project Trust Account: K 500 Thousand

1.2 Effective Monitoring and Control of Revenue and Expenditure and recommend strategic directions to ensure the level of performances are on target and administration is effective, efficient and transparent.

1.3 Ensure cash is made available according to the planned program/ schedules and where there are resource restraints administer according to executive directions and the corporate priorities.

1.4 Provide financial advice to all levels of management.

1.5 Consolidation of the department’s budgets reports by programs for both internal and external presentations, 12 x Central Agency Coordinating Committee (CACC) Monthly Management Reports,    4 x Quarterly Budget Review reports annually,  12 x Internal Expenditure Control Reports for the Internal Expenditure Control Committee (IECC)).

1.6 Ensure proper database of commitment and expenditures are kept.

1.7 Effective supervision of subordinate staff.



2.1 Qualification

2.1.1 Minimum requirement is Degree in Accounting, Business Management or Economics. 

2.1.2 Masters in Accounting, Business Management or Economics is highly preferable.

2.2 Knowledge

2.2.1 Sound knowledge of the current budget and financial policies and procedures as well as associated legislations and instructions. 

2.2.2 Wide knowledge in accountant/budgeting/trust administration procedures in government.

2.3 Skills

2.3.1 Budget skill

2.3.2 Planning and Management

2.3.3 Cost Benefit and analysis

2.3.4 Supervisory and Training

2.3.5 Effective Human Relations 

2.3.6 Computer literacy

2.4 Work Experience

2.4.1 More than 5 years’ experience in a Budget and Planning working area in Government Departments. 

2.4.2 Minimum of 5 years Administration experience at middle management level is also essential.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K53,528 – K65,424

Job Location: