Job Description

Department Of Education

Designation : TRUST OFFICER - RECURRENT (Code- EDU23-00982)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


1.1 Assist Senior Trust Accounts officer to administer and coordinate the Project Trust Account Budgets;

1.1.1 Five (5) Project Trust Accounts GOPNG (Bank Cheque Accounts): K1.7 Million

1.1.2 Education Capacity Building Program GOPNG (PGAS System): K600 Thousand

1.1.3 Basic Education Development Project GOPNG (PGAS System): K800 Thousand

1.1.4 PRIDE Project GOPNG (PGAS System): K500 Thousand

1.1.5 Two (2) ECBP & BEDP Project Imprest Trust Accounts: K20 Million

1.2 Liaise with Divisional clerks/trust holders, Project Coordinators & National Institutions registrars regarding trust matters so that reports are sent on time for information updating.

1.3 Assume responsibilities for controlling payments out of and receipts into the project trust funds, ensuring that all receipts and payments conform to Trust Deeds, Public Finance Management Act, and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

1.4 Examine, register and update requisitions/claims and reject claims if they are not consistent with financial procedures so as to keep reliable data base on Project Trust Accounts Records.

1.5 Reconciliation of Trust Accounts to ensure that all the reports/records from Finance Department, Education PGAS and the Education Trust Section agree with each other.

1.6 Administer receipts and payments of Subsidies of Mission Building by making sure, projects are completed within cost, time and schedule as approved.

1.7 Provide sound advice on Project Trust Accounts and related matters to the users of the system and keeping Trust Account Holders informed on a monthly basis regarding availability of funds.

1.8 Initiate and seek appropriate approvals of new and/or amended Trust Instruments by reviewing trust deeds and liaising with the Trust Holders and the intending applicants for new Project Trust Accounts on the status of their accounts.

1.9 Preparation of monthly financial reports for Quarterly Trust Account meetings and other Trust related meetings

1.10 Prepare monthly financial reports for submission to Finance & Treasury and for Audit Queries.

1.11 Attend to correspondence and counter queries.

1.12 Perform other account duties as directed consistent with the above.



2.1 Qualifications

2.1.1 Diploma or Degree qualification in Business Studies (Accounting/ Business Management/Commerce), QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and Information Technology skills are desirable.

2.2 Knowledge

2.2.1 Cash Management and Reconciliation procedures

2.2.2 Quick books Chart Of Accounts procedures

2.2.3 Computer Knowledge (Excel and Microsoft Word)

2.2.4 Accounting and Basic Book keeping

2.2.5 Government Accounting Systems

2.2.6 Public Finance Management 

2.2.7 Financial Instructions & Audit regulations

2.3 Skills

2.3.1 Good Communication skills

2.3.2 Effective Human relations

2.3.3 Computer literate (QuickBooks, Excel/Microsoft Word)

2.3.4 Cost Benefit and Analysis

2.3.5 Negotiation skills

2.3.6 Numeracy skills

2.3.7 Accounting skills

2.3.8 Budgeting skills                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2.4 Work Experience

2.4.1 Have 2 - 4 years’ Experience in Trust Accounts Management Procedures and Accounting with experience in QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

Job Type:

Full Time

Language Requirements:


Salary(per annum):

K38,145 – K46,621

Job Location: